Is the Green Deal Right for you Checklist


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If you have recently put your property up for sale, bought a new property or rented it, you will have an Energy Performance Certificate, this is a useful document to have as it will highlight what energy savings measures they have suggested.
Understand how the Green Deal works through the .Gov or British Gas website.
If you are a tenant, speak to your landlord or letting agent if you are considering applying for the Green Deal funding, they may prefer to carry out the measures themselves.
  As a tenant or homeowner you need to understand what happens if you decide to sell or move away from the property as the loan remains with the property.
  See if there are any other deals which are available such as grants to upgrade your boiler or local authority initiatives.
  Organise an energy Green Deal Assessment and make sure the organisation or provider are Green Deal Approved such as British Gas. Some companies charge for the assessment some will carry it out for free.
  Read the Green Deal Advice Report.
Understand what products and services are available through the Green Deal and make sure they suit your property’s construction type (for example not all properties can have wall insulation).
Be clear about the repayments, how long they are for and what happens if the energy savings don’t pay for the improvements in full. If you are a couple or renting rooms in a property, whose liability is it if someone leaves?
Make sure you know what you need to do if you decide to switch energy provider in the future.


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