Thinking of selling in 2014? Does improving outdoor space help sell?

publication date: Nov 27, 2013
author/source: Kate Faulkner
With the property market starting to improve, many frustrated sellers may think 2014 is a good time to trade up or down.
does improving the outdoor space help you sell your home
And, it’s always worth making sure your property is sold in the best condition it can be. Most buyers these days have to put down hefty deposits, even if they buying through Help to Buy, so knowing whether it’s worth working on the outside of your property and the garden to get it right for the Spring market can be useful.

Following all the property make over programmes we have seen, it’s not good enough in this day and age to just de-clutter and paint the walls magnolia. Buyers today are very choosey about what they buy and many want properties in show home condition. And, while it’s drizzly and damp, you need to make sure the property is water tight.

So as well as ensuring every room ‘does what it says on the tin’ and the spare double bedroom  doesn’t end up being a junk room, then adding an ‘extra room’ outside through a patio or decking area, outdoor chairs, tables, lighting and cooking via a BBQ could help make your property far more saleable.

Will it add value to the property?

And with the January sales not far around the corner, it’s worth thinking and planning this now so you can get the work done as soon as the New year comes in. It’s important to remember though that money for many buyers is still tight, so it may help you sell your home, but not necessarily for a higher price.
Here’s a checklist of things to do to make sure your outdoors get the buyers in

  1. Tiles and chimney – are they water tight? No missing tiles or flashing?
  2. Guttering (ideally on a rainy day) – are there any leaks?
  3. Front door – is it fitting? Is it well painted/stained?
  4. Windows – do they open and close OK? Are any rotten if wood or need painting?
  5. Is the outside brickwork or paint in good condition?
  6. Does the front have ‘kerb appeal’? Is clean and tidy? Welcoming pots and plants?
  7. Is the garden looking great? Get rid of any weeds, spruce up any decking, patios, lawns well kept, trees and shrubs clipped.
  8. If you have an ‘outdoor space’ for cooking and relaxing, make sure there is no mould, any tables/chairs look in good condition – and if it’s sunny, get them out and have drinks and nibbles ready for viewers.
  9. It is worth making sure there is somewhere outdoors for people to grow their own food. May sound daft, but it is very much the ‘in thing’ at the moment!
  10. Check any outdoor buildings such as sheds aren’t rotting, make sure they are tidy and can be seen as extra storage space.

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