Summer Burglaries on the increase warn Police

Police Warn of Summer Buglary Risk

This is quite a scary press release from ADT asking teenagers to cut back on posting details about their whereabouts on social media networks to minimise the risk of burglaries.


Research by security firm ADT discovered 16 to 21 years-old sharing information on social networking sites which could put their family home at risk. 


56 per cent of young people update their social media at least once a week on their movements and location. 81 per cent upload photos of themselves and friends when out and about with 29 per cent posting pictures showing places and locations for meetings. 48 per cent have also been sharing photos of objects they have been buying recently.


Another survey of ex-burglars found over three quarters believed  crooks were using Google Street View  to watch homes before breaking in. The use of social media was making it easier to find properties to burgle as teenagers updated their status with new locations when the family went on holiday.


Senior police officers said status updates including posting photos when on a family holiday, 'checking in'or sharing photos of expensive gadgets and other purchases were risky.


Kate Faulkner MD of says it's important to always make sure your property is kept safe while you are away. This isn't just from burglars, but also from water leaks and any damage from infestations such as fleas.

Always make sure you have someone you trust popping in to sort out your mail, water plants and make sure nothing untoward is happening in your home.

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