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Charlie Perdios Director 
Why we work with Anthony Pepe

We’ve known Charlie and the team at Anthony Pepe for some years now. To us they are everything an estate agent is never appreciated for! Charlie is obsessed with making the purchase, renting or letting of property the best and easiest for tenants, landlords, buyers or sellers. He carefully plots out every stage of what you have to do as a customer and tries to make it the best process as easy as it can be. There is never a feeling that you are being ‘pushed’ into doing something, whether you are buying, selling, renting or letter, what the Anthony Pepe team show is they care about what’s right for you. Pressurising people or telling the porky pies some agents are accused of, wouldn’t sit comfortably with the Charlie or the team we have met.   Examples of the things we like include:- Market news’ 
‘Pep talk’ 

What do Anthony Pepe do?

 Anthony Pepe is an independent estate and letting agent which covers the following areas:-Palmers Green 

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From the beginning

Anthony Pepe founded Anthony Pepe & Co in 1987 with an aim to provide clients with the best possible service.Directors Charlie Perdios and Ari Theodorou, took over in 2004 and have carried on this ethos. They believe:-Good customer care is critical to a successful agency
However big we get, we will always act like a small company where customers are at the heart of a local business
The best way to grow a business is through referrals and at Anthony Pepe around 40% of lettings and sales comes from happy customers.

How much does it cost?

Not all agents charge a fortune for you to work with them and some of them do quite a lot to earn their crust.Buyers – keep you up to date with properties for sale and help to progress the sale after an offer has been accepted. All this is free of charge.Some agents are starting to charge buyers a ‘fee’ to buy, this is not something Anthony Pepe would ever engage in.Sellers – visiting your property, suggesting a value to market your property and what the minimum and maximum price you might achieve is all free. Up until the date the property is sold, sales particulars are produced, the property is advertised on and off-line and viewings are carried out on your behalf.Once a sale is agreed, they progress the sale for free and are only paid our commission, which is based on the final sales price agreed, once you have completed on your sale.Tenants – Anthony Pepe will take your details and share any properties with you for free and view properties with you. You only pay any fees as a tenant if you choose one of their properties. Every agent and landlord, by law, must be declared at advertising stage, upfront prior to you renting, so here are the fees they charge over and above the deposit and rent you pay
 Landlords – Anthony Pepe will value your property to rent and give you a view of the market from a tenant’s perspective. If you ask them to let and/or manage your property, they will charge a set up fee and a management fee which will be dependent on your rental income. Ever wondered what a letting agent does for their money? Anthony Pepe don’t have anything to hide, so here’s their ‘list of to dos’ and here’s a free guide to being a landlord

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Something to shout about!

Anthony Pepe are proud to have had their outstanding achievements recognised nationally in recent years:- ‘Best Small London Estate Agent of the Year’ 2012 Sunday Times Awards  Anthony Pepe Award

One of top three small estate agents in the UK in Negotiator Awards in 2013 

Anthony Pepe Awards

Charlie’s five styling tips to maximise your selling price

 To make sure your house is someone else’s dream home:- 

  • Clear up clutter and make it clear what each room is for – and if possible, put a bed in. Bedrooms sell houses!
  • Think carefully about lighting: go light for kitchens and bathrooms, and cosy and welcoming for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Keep colours simple, clean and smart.
  • Add depth and dimension to rooms with mirrors.
  • New bed linen, soft furnishings and fresh flowers will brighten up and modernize rooms - and you can always take them with you! 

Read the First Time Buyer Checklist