Why it is essential for landlords to join a Landlord Association – especially if letting directly to tenants

publication date: Feb 23, 2015
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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Why join a landlord association?

“Making the lives of landlords easier” – that’s aspiration of the RLA team, but what does this actually mean?

Why should I be a part of a Landlords Association?

  • Being a member of a landlord association can help to attract tenants. Demonstrating that you sign up to a code of conduct gives the tenant peace of mind.

  • Accreditation and educated landlords add professionalism to the private rented market. Tenants want someone with a proven track record and, if possible, accreditation.

  • Organisations like the RLA help landlords navigate their way through changing legislation to ensure they are not caught out. With more and more calls for new legislation issues like local licensing conditions, responsibility for council tax, property maintenance, and deposits can catch out landlords with decades of experience.

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What should I look for in a Landlords Association?

Typically you should look for:-

    1. Legal and other essential news updates to keep on top of regulations

    2. Local landlord meetings so you can network with other landlords to help solve problems or answer queries

    3. Members help and advice via phone/email to answer specific queries

    4. Landlord software which allows you to manage your portfolio

What does the RLA offer that other associations don’t?

  1. A source of reliable legal information is a must for Landlords which further proves the value in support teams and shared information. This is where the RLA Landlord Advice Team (LAT) really comes to the fore. Available Monday – Friday from 08.30-17.00 to speak to directly, or online 24/7, the RLA LAT field hundreds of calls every day from members, ranging from setting up a tenancy, protecting deposits, right the way up to help with court papers and what to do if you discover a cannabis farm in your property. Our team believe RLA stands for ‘Relieving Landlords’Anxieties’!

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What else can I get from the RLA?

  • Many services and documents available to members are free of charge, and RLA training is discounted and conducted throughout the country.

  • The RLA is always updating resources and creating new tools to help landlords deal with the day-to-day aspects of private renting. For example, up-to-date tenancy agreements (ASTs) are free to members and have a ‘Crystal Mark’ from the Plain English campaign, making it easy to read and understand for both parties entering into contractual agreements.

  • The RLA Landlords’ News Hub communicates the important news affceting the private rented sector through regular updates and weekly ‘e-news’ digests.

  • The RLA uses commercial power to align with service providers to ensure that members have access to the most reliable and economically sound provisions in the sector. A Tenancy deposit scheme, rental arrears and possession help, tax, credit checks, mortgage, insurance, tenant referencing, and more! The RLA has the services you need.

  • The RLA takes lobbying very seriously. The mantra ‘making the lives of landlords easier’ echoes throughout our political campaigning: from retaliatory evictions, immigration checks, deposit protection legislation, and local authority licensing proposals, the RLA is always at the forefront of major campaigning work at the heart of Westminster, and on Welsh Assembly and Local Authority issues too.

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Any final words of advice?
Finally, we would urge you to compare costs, not just looking at annual membership but making sure you know what other help you will receive for free or at a discounted price.

The RLA aims to provide landlords with the choice of their service. View the RLA join page for further details.

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