How were room rents looking at the end of 2014 - SpareRoom Index December 2014

publication date: Jan 20, 2015
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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SpareRoom Index for December 2014

Renting by the room can be useful for both landlords and tenants, particularly in places like London, where rates are expensive. 

For tenants, it's all positive as renting by the room can be far more cost effective than renting a whole property. For landlords, renting out individual rooms can help cover costs in more pricey areas, although maintenance costs may increase.

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Big Risers December 2014    Annual Change
Batley £334 per month +40%
Oldbury £480 +30%
Widnes £396 +18.6%
Big Falls    
Belfast £270 -27.3%
Dundee £309 -17.2%
Dorchester £309 -16.6%
Top Room Rents    
London - West Central £907 -2.6%
London - East Central £904 +0.8%
London - West £812 +4.8%
Best Value Room Rents    
Belfast £270 -27.3%
Bradford £299 15.7% comment that:-
"UK room rents rose by an average of 8% in 2014. Some areas saw above average rent rises; Gravesend (10%) and Livingston (12%) for example, whilst rents rose at levels below average in Waterlooville (6%) and Aldershot (5%)."

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