Review of Inventory Apps

publication date: Oct 31, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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Which Inventory Apps should you be using?

There are lots of different inventory apps out there – so which should you choose? We talk to Rachel Hudson who carried out extensive research on apps prior to creating her own. The reason Rachel didn’t use other apps was mainly because as a landlord, she didn’t think they worked well enough!

Here’s the process Rachel went through to review the apps available and things you need to consider before selecting which one is right for you.

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Cost of an inventory versus quality

During 2012-2013 the TDS saw a slight increase in the number of applications made by tenants as opposed to agents and landlords in the dispute process.

  • Cleaning went up 4%
  • Redecoration went up 2%

Cleaning is the most common dispute brought to the TDS.

The wording in the inventory is where this normally falls foul as the wording is basic so leaves it wide open for disputes. What one person considers clean might not be deemed clean by another person. This can be resolved with the ‘terms and conditions’ in the inventory and the detail in the inventory prior to the start of the tenancy.

A well written inventory will be what wins your claim as the adjudicator has a detailed document which the tenants signed and agreed too.

A well written inventory can cost from as little as £60 for an unfurnished property. This is worth every penny when you think an average clean can start at £100 and if appliances need cleaning they average at £50 oven, £25 hob, £25 extractor fan. This is without a carpet clean of approx. £100+

If your inventory is not detailed, well presented and concise you are leaving it to the adjudicator to decide and if he doesn’t have much evidence this makes the decision for them harder and they have to try and make a fair decision.

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Please note:- Some apps are only usable on Apple or Android and through research many companies and personal opinions people are changing to windows phones, so bear in mind your phone or table operating system before you choose an inventory app.  

Read - Inventory checklist from Inventory Genius


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