15 things to keep with you in the car when you move house

publication date: Jul 4, 2016

Moving house? You may be tempted to leave everything to the removals company, and have them stow everything safely in the lorry, but there are some things which are just too important to trust to a third party, no matter how solid their reputation.

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Worst case scenario? Well the lorry could - theoretically at least - burst into flames, destroying everything in it. Yes of course it’s extremely unlikely (unless you’re living in a Hollywood movie) but lesser misfortunes can occur, such as vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays or simply a lost box. And if that missing carton contains your passports or the keys to your new home, you’re in a mess.

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So here’s our list of essential items that are safer travelling with you, where you can keep a close eye on them:

  1. The keys to the new property (or check what time the agent closes if picking them up)

  2. Any documents relating to the house move such as emails/letters confirming move day

  3. Useful phone numbers: removals company, solicitor, bank, local takeaway…

  4. Passports and birth certificates

  5. Computer back-up on an external hard drive

  6. Mobile phone chargers

  7. Laptops or computer tablets

  8. Talking of tablets… make sure you have to hand any medications you need to take

  9. An overnight bag for each family member, containing a change of clothes, toiletries

  10. Valuable jewelry

  11. Pet food, bowls and bedding

  12. A torch

  13. Toilet paper!

  14. Kettle, mugs and tea/coffee etc, plus biscuits, in case you get there before the lorry

  15. And last but most definitely not least… your children and pets (if they’ll fit in the car).


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